7Up Ten

Well, folks, I feel like my last few articles have been on the “meh!”/”bleh!” side and I hate to continue that trend but I would never lead you astray when it comes to my honest opinion of a product.  So as we begin to wrap up our soda “Ten Soda” series I bring you 7Up Ten.  A watered-down, sweetness-lacking, hardly-flavored beverage.

To be completely fair in the review I tried the soda not once but twice.  The first bottle I bought I hardly had any sweetness to it.  I know I’ve complained in previous articles that too much soda syrup makes me gag but this was the complete other extreme.  The carbonation was a little funky too.  The bubbles were fine the first few sips, but after about 10 minutes it seemed almost flat.  Was this a product of intense Florida heat? Possibly. But I’ve never seemed to have this problem with any other sodas.  After this epic failure I picked up another bottle next time I hit Winn-Dixie to give it a fair chance.

The second wasn’t a whole lot better than the first.  It still lacked sweetness but the carbonation held up a bit better.  Something was certainly lacking though and this time I realized that the whole time I was missing the lemon-lime flavor.  In a regular full sugared brew of 7Up the flavors come through beautifully but they were a bit lost in 7-Up Ten.

All in all, I have to say I was disappointed.  I expected more from the soda and it just didn’t deliver. Going to have to give it a “Bleh!”

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-Kat Graham

***Look for our final “Ten” review on A&W Root Beer Ten coming soon!***

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  1. / Replyjp
    thanks, as i will keep my money and try another product.
    • / ReplyJeremy Hobbs
      You're welcome. That's why we're here!
    • / Replyhaftpflichtversicherung berufshaftpflicht
      I don’t know why my browser won’t let me post on your comment section on your website . I tried updating but still no go. Anyway I just wanted you to know that I’ve been reading all your posts about Snowy and I am so sorry… It is so hard to lose a family member you loved so much. Prayers for all of you…
    • / Replyhttp://www./
      That's an inventive answer to an interesting question
    • / Reply
      Propaganda doesn't work when you're conscious of it. In fact, when you realize you're being subliminally manipulated the desired effect is reversed. The best way to fight back is to point out specific examples, as you do here, to your friends and family. Once they see what you're talking about they'll start spotting it themselves and tell others.

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