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Most readers can’t remember the time when RC Cola was competitive with Coke and Pepsi. Now it seems to be thought of in the same way we think of grocery store brands; a generic knock off. This is a shame, because Royal Crown Cola was, and still is, an exceptionally great tasting beverage. Closer to Pepsi than to Coke, RC has a smooth, sweet profile with a slightly fruity finish. If you’ve never tried RC, or it’s been a long time, I recommend grabbing a bottle the next time you see it. If you’re a cola fan, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Diet RC has been notoriously difficult to find. In fact, despite my best efforts to find a bottle or can, I have never laid my eyes on it in person. Rumor has it that it has been discontinued. That’s a shame, I’d have loved to add it to my collection. What we have now is RC Ten, a product riding the coat-tails of the success of Lasix medication.

As high as I am on regular RC (as well as Lasix medication), I’m every bit as low on RC Ten. This is just an inferior product when compared to its competition; mainly Coke Zero and Pepsi Max. It certainly falls short of its sister soda Dr. Pepper Ten. It tastes horribly of chemicals, and lacks much in the way of cola flavor. It doesn’t make me think of regular RC in any way. RC Ten is, in a word, ‘Bleh!’

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-Jeremy Hobbs

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Diet soda has come a long way in my lifetime. Once reserved solely for diabetics and dieters, modern low-calorie beverages are fully flavored enough to be enjoyed by all. Diet sodas have become so tasty that I rarely ever reach for their full calorie versions.

Diet Dr. Pepper was always one of the better tasting zero calorie sodas, even ‘back in the day,’ but recent advancements in artificial sweetening by Coke and Pepsi had left the good doctor in the dust, so to speak. Enter Dr. Pepper Ten, a not-quite-zero-calorie-but-close-enough beverage from the Dr. Pepper/Snapple group.

In simple terms, this is probably the least ‘diet’ tasting soda that I’ve ever been lucky enough to sample. The taste is very crisp, no bitter or chemical-like after taste, and it is full flavored. Dr. Pepper Ten squeezes every tiny bit of flavor possible out of those ten calories (per serving) and I applaud the creators for their success.

As long as Dr. Pepper Ten is available in coolers, I don’t ever see myself purchasing the one-hundred plus calorie version of Dr. Pepper again. I actually prefer the mouth feel of Ten, it doesn’t have enough high fructose corn syrup in it to leave my mouth feeling all sticky. I give it a resounding ‘Yea!,’ and if you’re a Pepper fan, Dr. Pepper Ten is a must try. Can’t wait to try the other Ten’s.

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-Jeremy Hobbs

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When new sodas come to market, especially brand extensions for Pepsi and Coke’s colas, I’ll do just about anything to get my hands on it. I more or less live off colas, diet colas in particular. It’s a 2-liter a day habit that I’m not proud of, but it is what it is. Don’t judge me.

Pepsi True sneaked up on me. The last I had heard about it Read More →

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After a 14 year hiatus Garth Brooks has returned to work with a new set of original songs. ‘Man Against Machine’ was released Nov. 10, 2014 and debuted at #1 on the country charts, but missed the overall top spot he frequently owned before his semiretirement. Taylor Swift has proved to be an unstoppable force, and her numbers dominated Brooks. Brooks’ decision to release ‘People Loving People’ as the first single was probably Read More →

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Panic! At The Disco is back at it again with ‘ Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!’ Panic! has been a favorite of mine for years now. I find them to be one of the few mainstream bands that has a unique sound. They have always been able to blend together orchestral instrumentals, velvety smooth vocals, and lyrics deeper than a rain puddle into an amazing sound.

In ‘ Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!’ the band seems to lean a lot heavier on Read More →

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We’re tremendous Duck Dynasty fans in this house. When I saw that there was a free Duck Dynasty Beard Booth app recently released, I squealed like a little yuppie girl at a Justin The Beaver concert. I couldn’t install it on my phone fast enough (available on Android and iOS) and start playing around.

You can choose from four Robertson beards. Phil, Si, Jase, and of course, Willie. The application is very simple to use. Snap your picture, zoom in as to suit your tastes, then pick a beard. The beards can be manipulated to fit your face. I was kind of sad that I couldn’t get Phil’s (my favorite!) to match up on my mug very well, but it was fun trying. You may also choose a caption from a list of the show’s more common catch phrases, but that is entirely optional.

Obviously the Duck Dynasty Beard Booth app isn’t going to increase your productivity in any way, in fact it will probably do the opposite. It certainly is fun for what it is though! Made me ‘Happy, happy, happy!’ at least for a few minutes. Considering the price (free), I’m giving it a ‘Yea!’ If you try it out, share your photos in the comment section!

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-Jeremy Hobbs


Caffeine Free Coke Zero

On my weekly trip to CVS, I found liquid manna from Heaven. Caffeine Free Coke Zero was displayed in pyramid fashion upon a shelf in the middle of the store and I knew God was real. I suffer from what you may call a sugar/caffeine sensitivity than can only be described as an off-the-wall, borderline psychotic, extreme hyperness that could potentially warrant a YouTube video that would quickly attract the attention of doctors everywhere. Are you getting my point?

I was obviously very excited when I found a soda without sugar or caffeine because who doesn’t enjoy a nice cold soda on a hot summer afternoon? The flavors are great. I can’t tell that the sugar is MIA.  If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, I wouldn’t count on Coke this time around. But if you’re looking for a crisp beverage to nurse down while you are watching the game, you can’t go wrong. And hey, if you’ve caught Coke’s latest Taylor Swift commercial you can sing about dressing up like hipsters and making fun of your exes while you’re at it.

The flavor is full and the bubbles are plentiful.  Drink on my friends. “Yea!”

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-Kat Graham

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Did a little research, and apparently these Raspberry M&M’s have been out for quite a while, but I just started seeing them pop up in my neck of the woods. So, they may not be new to you, but they are to me, so I’m going to review them anyway.

The idea of fruit flavored M&M’s was a bit strange to me, but none the less intriguing. I’ve had some high-end chocolates that were flavored, and pretty tasty, but I wasn’t sure something in a hot pink package zipper bag would be able to compare.

Most thankfully, my doubts were erased. The raspberry flavoring was subtle, so it was not much of a departure from your standard M&M. Just a really big M&M; the Raspberry M&M variety are roughly twice the size of a regular ‘M.’

My first impression was not that I was eating a raspberry flavored product. My initial thought was ‘chocolate covered cherries.’ Just not as intense. I’ll probably be all alone in thinking that, but I enjoy my own company.

For a 1.5 ounce package, you get hit with a 210 calorie penalty. It’s worth it to give them a try. Prices will vary by location; anywhere from $0.50 to $1.00. I give them a ‘Meh.’ They’re not bad, but I’ll probably never buy them again.

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–Jeremy Hobbs

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NEW CVS Calcium Soft Chews Active Nutrition for Women are my latest purchase on my vitamin kick.  Part of my New Year’s Resolutions this year was to start taking better care of my body.  Eating more protein, getting more sleep and taking my vitamins.  For about eleven years I struggled with my health and it affected my bone strength.  I broke the same ankle upwards of four times, broke my wrist and had a few lucky misses.  As I try to avoid animal products, I rarely drink milk so I figured it was time for a supplement.

CVS Calcium Chews have 500 mg of calcium plus vitamins D and K with 1000 IU vitamin D per chew.  With only 20 calories per serving, 6% of your daily iron, only 2 grams of sugar and less than 1% of your daily sodium I would call this a win!  With two flavors: milk chocolate and caramel (stay tuned for a review on the caramel) you can’t lose.  The milk chocolate flavor isn’t overbearingly sweet like other vitamins I have tried.  My only complaint is that they can leave a bit of a metallic aftertaste that can stick around for a while, so I usually take them right before I brush my teeth in the morning.  Other than that I have very few complaints.  They are small enough to pop into your mouth in a single bite and don’t take a year and a half to chew, which is a plus.

I really like these new vitamins and give them a solid “Yea!”

WARNING: Do not exceed more than two chews daily.  If you are pregnant or nursing a baby, ask your doctor before using this product.  It contains vitamin K so check with your doctor before taking if you’re on blood-thinning medicine.  These are intended for adults and children 10 years of age and older.  It is suggested to take one chew twice a day with food or as directed by your physician.

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-Kat Graham

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Not a review, but a rather exciting preview this evening. Coca-Cola is doing a market test of a new extension of their line of colas dubbed Coke ‘Life’ in Argentina. Coke Life is going to be a mid-calorie beverage (much like Pepsi Next), but it’s signature feature is that it will be sweetened with a combination of sugar (or corn syrup in the USA), and stevia.

Stevia has been referred to as ‘unusable’ in colas by the folks at Pepsi, so I’m absolutely dying to know what Coke’s chemists have come up with. It appears that Coke Life will be marketed as an ‘all natural’ product, and will be very desirable to women, yuppies, and hipsters all the same while retaining the known and loved Coca-Cola flavor.

As an added bonus for the latter two categories of consumers, the bottle will be one hundred percent recyclable, and at least thirty percent biodegradable. This is accomplished by some convoluted process of turning veggies in to plastic; a process I’m not nearly smart enough to try to explain. But hey, if it saves a whale or two, more power to them.

I’ll have a real review out to you as soon as possible. I’m a bit worried as I’ve read stevia can cause ‘anal leakage,’ but I’ve always been willing to throw myself under the proverbial bus for my faithful readers. Coke Life will be no different. Stay tuned!!!

-Jeremy Hobbs