Ed Sheeran – + (Deluxe Version)

Why it’s taken me so long to review Ed Sheeran’s album + (Deluxe Version) I will never know.  I’ve been listening to it non-stop for over a month now.  It’s about as addicting as the alcohol and cigarettes of which he sings.  I’ve found myself time and time again logging on to my computer only to open iTunes and listen to + all the way through, forgetting whatever task for which I had originally signed on.

Ed Sheeran is taking the world by storm with his album + (Deluxe Version).  Sheeran’s soft-spoken voice is clearly the focal point of this album with his guitar and piano taking supporting positions.  Songs vary from an instrument or two to a gentle electronic approach.  In + Sheeran takes an point-blank approach to some sometimes-sticky subjects such as prostitution, drug use, alcoholism, smoking, sex and a debated Pro-Life stance in his song Small Bump.  Despite some more “adult” topics and the politics of some of his songs, I can’t imagine Sheeran’s music not appealing to someone.  It’s complete lack of Autotune makes it sound as if Sheeran is whispering lyrics in you ear one second and beat-boxing the next.  The clarity and musical integrity of this album is astonishing.

One of Sheeran’s most notable tracks The A Team is a chart-topping sensation, which if you haven’t heard by now…well I don’t know where you’ve been the past few months.  Balancing out his heavier songs is Kiss Me, a sweet song rumored to have been written by Sheeran for his mother’s wedding. It’s sure to be a Prom favorite and a first dance song for many couples, but it happily lacks the sickly sweet sound of many other love songs.  If you looking for a thought-provoking album that can carry you through any mood or day + is the album for you.  Sheeran has created an instant classic that will be enjoyed for years to come. Definite ‘Yea!’

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-Kat Graham