Rockstar Super Sours Bubbleberry

I saw this in the cooler while doing some market research for The Consumer’s Corner (a.k.a. ‘going to the store’). I’m a major fan of energy drinks, by themselves or used as mixers for cocktails. The bite is just different from regular sodas, and they make me feel good. Another thing–I also have a great appreciation for is sour candy: Sweet Tarts, Nerds, sour gummy worms, etc. So grabbing a can of Rockstar Super Sours Bubbleberry was a no-brainer; this was going to be my new favorite energy drink.

In a word? No. The first sip tastes very bitter. Hear me out, bitter and sour are very different flavors. Bitter is like biting into a non-chewable vitamin. In fact, ‘vitamins’ was my response at first taste. That nastiness eased off after a sip or two once my palette adjusted, but ‘ewww’ is not what any company wants a consumer thinking when they taste their product.

Even after the adjustment period, I was not inspired to go in for seconds at all. I’ve been very impressed by the Rockstar line in the past (‘Punched’ is my go to energy drink) but Supersours Bubbleberry left me disappointed, and two dollars poorer. Going to have to give this one a ‘Bleh!’ Sorry Rockstar.

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-Jeremy Hobbs