Nestle Crunch Caramel & Coconut Girl Scouts Candy Bar

It was a terrible disappointment for me to miss out on my annual binge on Samoa Girl Scout Cookies (now boringly named ‘Caramel & Coconut’ because America has become too politically correct for its own good). I could just never find myself in the vicinity of a Girl Scout at the right time and place. Every year I’ll buy three to four boxes, and happily gain a pound or two. I’ve been known to down an entire box in one sitting. Don’t judge me.

Then, like a vision beamed down straight from God Himself, I saw a commercial for limited edition versions of my beloved cookies, only they were in candy bar form, and part of the Nestle Crunch line. To say I was intrigued would be a gross understatement. Picking one up as soon as possible made my to-do list.

It is amazing how accurate the flavor was. I’m typically impressed with Nestle products, but I admit I was a bit skeptical. All skepticism ceased as soon as I took a bite. Endorphins flooded my brain, and a smile spread from ear to ear on my face. Then I figured I better pay for the thing before I was arrested for shop lifting.

The texture is more Crunch than Scout, but the flavor is all that you would expect had a cute kid in a green dress had handed it to you herself. Should you try one yourself? Yea!!!

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-Jeremy Hobbs

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