Ribbet – The Perfect Picnik Replacement

When Google purchased Picnik, shoe horned it into Google+, then closed the site down, I was crushed. I fancied myself as an amateur photographer and used Picnik to do post/editing. I used it to great success as well; winning several hundred dollars, and having one of my images featured on a MasterCard. I’ve looked for replacements since, and I’ve found usable alternatives, but nothing that was in Picnik’s league.

Last night I found Ribbet. It is Picnik in every way, name not withstanding. According to their official blog “We have no affiliation with Picnik or Google and were not the developers on the original site. We are a completely independent software company who built on the Picnik platform which was released by Google under an open source license.” That is more than good enough for me, and I’m thrilled that development will continue on this simple to use, but incredibly powerful photo editing software.

Ribbet is going to get me back in to taking photos again. Without a degree in digital design, a $1,000 camera, and the hundreds of dollars it takes to buy Photoshop and it’s upgrades, I was priced out of the hobby. Ribbet runs in a web browser for FREE, and can take a decent camera phone picture and turn it into something beautiful. That earns Ribbet an enthusiastic ‘Yea!’

Official Site

-Jeremy Hobbs