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Cayman Jack Margarita

In my quest to find the perfect ready to drink margarita, I think that I may have found something special tucked inside a small display in a gas station cooler door. Cayman Jack is the epitome of an ultra premium malt beverage, and I can say for certain that I have never tasted one better. Regardless of flavor. Cayman Jack may be the nectar of the gods.

Speaking of nectar, let us talk about what goes in to flavoring Cayman Jack. Real blue agave nectar gives the beverage what most of the others I’ve reviewed lacked: authenticity. Found only in the most premium mixes, the agave gives CJ a real ‘it’ factor. Further sweetening this work of art is 100% cane sugar. No sticky corn syrup to be found, almost unheard of in this category of drinks. Lastly, to give that beloved tartness associated with margaritas, the bottler squeezes in the juice from real (organic!) limes, not funky concentrated chemicals. What’s not to love?

Mine came from a can, two tall ones for $3.50. But if you purchase the six-pack of 12 ounce bottles, you’ll be holding one of the coolest containers I’ve ever seen. Definitely an attention getter. As if you couldn’t already tell, Cayman Jack Margarita gets a big double thumbs up Hell ‘Yea! from me. If you enjoy margaritas, I don’t see any way you could be disappointed.

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-Jeremy Hobbs


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