I’m the dedicated free technical support guy for my friends and family. It’s a thankless job. At best, you get a thank you and a pat on the back. At worst, you have to deliver the bad news to a loved one that they’re going to be spending some serious money in the near future. Luckily my hits are far greater than my misses.

CCleaner is not new software by any definition, but it is something every Windows user should have installed. It cleans out all, or at least a lot, of the crap files that your computer accumulates over time. These junk files can really slow your system down, especially if you’re running older hardware.

I’ve often ran this on machines whose owners complained that everything was sluggish. CCleaner has found several gigabytes of junk, and hundreds of registry issues. Combine that with a drive defragmentation, and you can really feel the difference. Add in a good malware scan, it will feel like a brand new machine.

CCleaner is safe, simple, and free. It (or something like it) should be used weekly as part of a computer maintenance plan. Keep your system clean and protected, and you’ll save yourself a lot of money (and possible heartbreak) in the future.

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-Jeremy Hobbs

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  1. / ReplyJohnetta
    Oh yeah, faluuobs stuff there you!
  2. / Replykann keine kfz versicherung abschließen
    Never_de_gelo disse:18/03/2012 13:17Galera tenho uma pergunta.Se não existisse dota e nenhum game que venho do DOTA como HON e LOL oque vcs estariam jogando hoje?
  3. / Replyretroactive cobra
    oi dat kan ik me voorstellen van de buren. Ik heb vaak dat ik op zondag of zo een nieuw doek aan de muur wil spijkeren vijf uur ‘s ochtends. Ook niet leuk voor de buren. (meestal wacht ik hoor tot een uur of negen) En ja, die bril zou in het basispaket moeten. man wat een rib uit je lijf! .

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