Centrum Flavor Burst Mixed Fruit

My diet is terrible, and I freely admit that. Unlike my editor/fiance Kat Graham, a pescatarian, I will cower in fear at the thought of eating almost any vegetable. I’d much prefer to eat animals that are (um… were?) vegetarians. This trait of mine, unhealthy as it may be, isn’t changing anytime soon, so taking a vitamin supplement is part of my daily routine.

A couple of years ago, every supplement company on Earth began making decently flavored gummy vitamins. Made a lot of sense; if it’s not so torturous to consume their products, people might take them more regularly, resulting in a boost in sales. I’m a bit too lazy to go nosing around for sales figures, but judging by the explosion of options now available, my guess is that this strategy is working out fairly well.

Centrum did something a little different with Flavor Burst. These have a chewy texture, a lot like what you’d find in chewy Sweet Tarts, or Shock Tarts. Hard outer shell filled with yummy goodness. Per bottle, at least in the Mixed Fruit variety, you get three flavors which I can only assume are cherry, grape, and blueberry. I could be wrong, but I’m close enough.

Flavor Bursts taste great. I can see me eating them as candy; they have that nice sweet/sour mix that I really love. All three are more than palatable. I prefer the red ones, but your results may vary.¬†They taste less like vitamins than some other things I’ve sampled lately, and for that I tip my hat to those at Centrum that made Flavor Bursts possible. They get a ‘Yea!’ and will be my supplement of choice for a while. Be on the look out for a review of other flavor combinations in the near future.

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-Jeremy Hobbs

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