cirque du soleil - saltimbanco - front cover

Cirque du Soleil – Saltimbanco

The music from Cirque du Soleil’s show “Saltimbanco” is hauntingly animalistic, ranges from gentle persuasive notes to predatory tones to cathedral-esque vocals.  No matter which way you spin it “Saltimbanco” is an anthem to human creativity.  The absolutely gorgeous mix of tones, instruments and vocals make this album playful, sometimes ominous and always entertaining.  As far as soundtracks go, this may be my favorite yet, and I’ve listened to a LOT of soundtracks.

The made-up language that supports the vocals may sound off-putting in theory but once you listen to it, I guarantee you’ll find it to be relaxing, almost hypnotic and trace-like.  With influences ranging from African and French to Spanish and Native American “Saltimbanco” is widely accessible to any listener.  The incredible compilation of music narrates a story of adventure that will take you back to your childhood while simultaneously propelling you into a new world.

“Saltimbanco” is epic if nothing else and will take you on an incredible journey.  Cirque du Soleil has become a household name, widely known for brilliant circus performances, and with that comes magical music.  Whether you’re a devoted fan  or if Cirque is new to you, “Saltimbanco” is a fabulous place to start.  I dare say this is a “Yea!” and a half.

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-Kat Graham


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