Coffee Thins: Espresso

Every time I go to our local convince store I see Coffee Thins–delicious looking chocolate thins flavored with coffee.  I never bothered to pick them up, I didn’t recognize them as a major brand and when I’m craving something sweet I usually go for Skittles or a Twix. I was all ready to check out when my total came to $4.56. Fail.  There is a $5 debit card minimum at my convenience store. So I grabbed a few of these Coffee Thins in a couple different flavors and rounded my total up just enough.  With my chocolate in bag I headed home to sample my goodies.

And boy was I happily surprised! I wasn’t expecting much from my off-brand coffee chocolates but as soon as I bit into the slightly melted and brilliantly smooth treat I was sold.  Coffee Thins are not for those who are only mildly dedicated to coffee.  The flavor is spectacular and definetly more on the coffee side than chocolate.  I would liken them to chocolate covered espresso beans but without the grainy texture. Yum!

I can’t say enough about Coffee Thins. They’re delicious, rich and decadent. Imagine all that from a convenience store sweet! “Yea!”

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-Kat Graham

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