Cup Of Joe

This review isn’t so much for a product, but a wonderful idea. To tell the truth, I don’t remember how I discovered the ‘Cup Of Joe’ program, but I think it’s really amazing, and I wanted to spread the word.

I have enough friends in the military to form a decent sized militia. Knowing them all very well, male and female, I can’t imagine any of them getting all that excited if they received a letter from a random pen pal, no matter how great the intention was. I applaud the organizations that offer said pen pal services, and I’m sure our troops appreciate the communication, but Cup Of Joe goes a step beyond that. You can express your appreciation not only with words, but a friendly token. Gourmet style coffee, just like they order at home from their neighborhood Starbucks.

When I’ve written, I’ve kept it brief and generic, and honestly never expected a reply. My admiration for them runs so deep, I didn’t feel as if I deserved one. They’ve always written me back though, and it’s a cool feeling seeing that message on your screen. For $2, I’m able to correspond with a real hero, and given them a few moments of enjoyment. What bigger ‘Win!’ is there? Also, browse the store, and learn about the company, Green Beans Coffee. You can grab some amazing products. They do some really great work with the profits. Big ‘Yea!!’

Official Site

–Jeremy Hobbs

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