Evan Williams Honey Reserve

Evan Williams Honey Reserve

Once fall begins to roll in, I traditionally switch from clear liquors (vodka or rum) to something darker and more robust, typically a whiskey or bourbon. Always on a budget, as I’m sure many of you are, I try to find quality spirits at affordable prices. I think the Evan Williams brand embodies that idea, and Evan Williams Honey Reserve does so exceedingly well.

Evan Williams Honey Reserve is very pale in color, and has a caramel nose. It’s very sweet straight, but when you buy something with ‘honey’ in the name, that should be expected. So far I’ve enjoyed it on the rocks, in sweet tea, chilled shots, and with cola. Straight, at room temperature, it’s a bit over-powering. On the official Evan Williams site (linked below) there are quite a few recipes for cocktails to try, some sounding rather tasty.

I think Evan Williams Honey Reserve compares well to Jack Daniels Honey, and American Honey. In terms of bang for your buck, it runs away from the competition, as it can be had for one-third less in price. If flavored whiskey or bourbon is your thing, I can safely give Evan Williams Honey Reserve a ‘Yea!’ It will definitely add some kick to your holiday beverages.

Official Site

-Jeremy Hobbs

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