The God-First Life

The God-First Life

The God-First Life, authored by Stovall Weems–lead pastor of Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida–proves that regardless of if you are a believer in Christ you cannot dispute Weems’ passion for spreading the Gospel.

The God First Life is a fairly short Christian self-help book, based largely on the Bible verse Matthew 6:33. “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Weems uses The God-First Life to unpack and extract every bit of information from this short scripture and shows through some very personal illustrations and analogies how Christ is relevant to you.

The simple common man language is refreshing. Never does his writing take a judgmental, pious, or holier-than-thou tone, rather it reads like sound advice from a good friend, as opposed to legalistic mumbo-jumbo that requires a theological degree to decode.  Jesus’ message was simple yet powerful  and so is this book. To live the God-first life and experience the full glory of God, Weems instructs to put God first in all areas of your life. Easier said than done? Yes. Worth the effort? Absolutely.

There is a treasure trove of invaluable guidance in between the covers. This book will help new Christians get a jump start on living their faith and lifelong Christian’s enhance their journey with Christ.  Those feeling burnt out in their walk with Christ will find The God-First Life may be exactly what they need to recharge their batteries. Regardless, we all need to get back to basics and live the God-first life.

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-Jeremy Hobbs


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