little debbie pumpkin delights

Little Debbie Pumpkin Delights

Little Debbie Pumpkin Delights found their way into my cart on my latest trip to Winn-Dixie. I love anything pumpkin. Pumpkin pie, seeds, lattes–you name it. So needless to say when I found these on the Little Debbie display I figured they were worth a shot. Shaped like jack-o-lanterns and with the nose and mouth cutouts filled with pumpkin gel/cream like substance. That sounds disgusting, I know, but it’s actually quite delicious.

One thing that I really like about Little Debbie Snacks is that they aren’t lightweights when it comes to the snack category. Each bite fills your mouth entirely and is a soft, chewy delight.  They taste more like the pumpkin spice package that you can by around Thanksgiving than actual pumpkin.  Am I complaining? Heck, no! My mum is a bit of a health freak so when I was growing up Little Debbie snacks never made it into my house so eating them now they have the flavors of forbidden fruit which makes them extra yummy.

My quasi-rebellious consumption of Little Debbie Snacks has left me sampling many delicious flavors but these may take the cake (pun intended). But here’s the real question: do they match up to other pumpkin holiday samplings? You won’t see them behind the glass cases of Starbucks anytime soon but for something you can buy on for $3, you’re certainly getting your money’s worth. “Yea!”

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-Kat Graham


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