morningstar farms sausage links

MorningStar Farms Sausage Links

If you follow The Consumer’s Corner’s daily blog posts, you’ll know by now that I am a huge MorningStar Farms fan.  I love their protein rich foods, the tasty, distinct flavors and the ease of tossing them in the microwave with the same results as throwing them on the grill.  Most people know that MorningStar Farms makes (delicious) veggie burgers, and if you’ve read my other posts you know that they make microwavable meals, but not many people know the full scope of all the MorningsStar Farms products.  Today’s topic? Veggie sausage links.

These links are absolutely scrumptious.  The sausage links have a slight kick to them that I hear regular sausages possess.  With 82% less fat than pork sausage (that’s only three grams per serving!) and 80 calories they’re a great breakfast food that will fill you up without giving you that groggy, bloated feeling that I find eating too much in the morning can give me.  Have I not convinced you to try the links for breakfast?  My mum taught me another great way to eat them.  Sandwich style.  Personally, I cut the link in half long-ways and lay them between two slices of bread with a little (okay a lot) of ketchup.  However you want to try these, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Meat eaters and vegetarians alike will love MorningStar Farm’s sausage links.  Interested in trying them? Simply go to and type your zip code into the ‘where to buy’ box and voila! You have sausage! Certainly a ‘Yea!’ from me!

Official Site

-Kat Graham


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