motorola droid mini

Motorola Droid Mini

My hands are small. Not just small for a man, but tiny in general. When shopping for gloves, I have to head straight for the children’s department at any store. Praise be to God that I don’t have to do manual labor for a living as I’m more apt to strike oil in my back yard than find a snug pair of work gloves.

So a few years ago when the smart phone industry decided to put their products on steroids, I became a bit distressed. I moved from a (quickly dying) HTC Droid Incredible to a fairly new Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx that some fool sold me on eBay for a song. Two years ago it was a top end device, and today it remains capable. But it was/is just so darned big! I like a device that I can use one-handed, and the Maxx wasn’t it. But I struggled on (First World problems, I know) until I found something more in my size.

Problem was the trend was super sizing phones, not down-sizing them (Galaxy Note? WTF?). Sure, for every Samsung Galaxy S, or HTC One, there was a Mini version. Sadly all of those Minis were stripped of all the cool things their big brothers had, and I’m not stupid enough to extend my contact on an already outdated device.

Someone from Motorola (now a part of Google) heard the pleas of myself and the rest of the small handed citizens of this round, blue ball in space and gave us a premium handset in a diminutive package. Enter the Motorola Droid Mini. Though never mentioned as such, it looks and feels like a follow-up to the fairly popular Droid RAZR M. It would be more accurately described as the runt brother of the Droid Ultra, Droid Ultra Maxx, and the phone everyone is talking about right now, the Moto X.

The only thing that differentiates any of these phones are battery, screen type, and pixel density. Cameras, chips, RAM, etc are all equal. The Motorola Droid Mini has a LCD screen versus the LED screens of the others, but offers the same resolution with a higher pixel density. The pixel density is even higher than what was found on the iPhone 5.

My favorite feature of the Droid Mini, aside from its size, is it’s ‘always on’ voice activation. Without even touching the phone, I can say ‘Okay Google Now’ and a command, and the Mini does it, all hands free. Neat stuff. ‘Active Notifications’ are pretty cool as well, allowing me to see what made my phone buzz without having to unlock things.

More goodies to be had as well, like 6 free months of Google Play Music. You can find the Droid Mini for as little as $49.99 if you shop around, and that is just a steal for a super speedy flagship phone. I highly recommend this device to anyone, not just those with baby hands like me. Easy ‘Yea!’

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-Jeremy Hobbs

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