Pepsi True

Pepsi True

When new sodas come to market, especially brand extensions for Pepsi and Coke’s colas, I’ll do just about anything to get my hands on it. I more or less live off colas, diet colas in particular. It’s a 2-liter a day habit that I’m not proud of, but it is what it is. Don’t judge me.

Pepsi True sneaked up on me. The last I had heard about it before stumbling across it on Amazon was that it was still in development, and that the implementation of stevia was proving to be more difficult than Pepsi had anticipated. So I was a little surprised when Amazon offered to ship me a case along with my Surge that I happened to be purchasing. It was an easy buy.

I checked the reviews while anticipating delivery and the ones that were not spamming Pepsi over environmental concerns were fairly positive. This gave me pretty high hopes for Pepsi True, hopes that eventually came crashing down.

Pepsi True is without doubt the worst cola product I have ever tasted, and I have tasted probably every mainstream product released in the past twenty-five years. It is almost completely devoid of flavor. When you are able to taste something it just isn’t pleasurable. That would be a tiny bit more understandable if this were a zero calorie product, but it is sweetened with 60 calories worth of sugar per each 7.5 ounce serving. How can they mess up sugar?

Aside from Pepsi True I typically appreciate Pepsi’s cola efforts. Pepsi Max is a go-to for me. I can only assume that stevia is to blame. Coke has a similar beverage to True, Coca-Cola Life, available at The Fresh Market. Maybe they got the formula right? Who knows. I’m apprehensive about trying it, but I will, because I love you guys.

If you are a masochist and wish to try this stuff, a case of two dozen cans can be yours for $10.00 exclusively through Amazon.

–Jeremy Hobbs


Edit: I recently gave RC Ten another try, and that forces me to retract my statement about Pepsi True being the worst cola I have ever tasted. RC Ten is wretched and Pepsi True would be an upgrade.

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