Pumpkin Spice M&Ms

I really love fall season, and pumpkin spiced everything is one of my favorite parts about it. So when my fiance ordered some Pumpkin Spice M&Ms for me from Amazon I was uber excited.  I was expecting them to fill my mouth with pumpkin delight and have a little bit of spice to them.  I was wrong.  The M&Ms tasted nothing like pumpkin and very much like the traditional milk chocolate flavor they usually sport. There was a little bit of spice in the aftertaste but it is more akin to about an ounce of the heat you would find in Mexican chocolate.

But let’s give M&M some credit here. They did well with a few things. The M&Ms are about two or three times the size of a regular M&M which I really like.  You can really savor one without having to dump a handful in your mouth at once.  While I wouldn’t market them as “pumpkin spice” they still tasted great.  Even the color scheme was fall appropriate.

So what’s my consensus? I like the M&Ms but was sorrily let down by the lack of pumpkin flavoring.  So I’ll have to give you a “meh!” Sorry, M&Ms.

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-Kat Graham


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