Whenever I’m in a quiet room, it’s a big deal for me to make sure I’m not ‘that guy’ who has his cell phone go off. Cell phone etiquette is quite important to me, as I am a shy guy, and easily embarrassed. So it goes without saying that I adhere to those silence standards almost without fail. My problem arises about eight hours (and ten or so missed calls, and probably fifty missed texts) later, because I forgot to turn my cellular noise maker back on. Shush! is an Android application that fixes that.

When you install Shush!, every time you switch over to silent mode, a little spin dial will appear. Drag it to however many hours and /or minutes you want you phone to stay quiet. After that, it automatically switches your noisy notifications back on, without any input needed from your forgetful self. Simple and ingenious, huh? The best inventions always are.

Shush! takes up hardly any room on your device, and has no noticeable affect on the speed your hardware. My phone is snail slow, so I’d definitely be able to tell if it did. For the amazing price of ‘free,’ this little app can’t be beat. ‘Yea!’

Official Site

-Jeremy Hobbs

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