Sunkist ten

Sunkist Ten

Orange sodas are by far the easiest soda to replicate in diet form, at least in my opinion. The citrus-y bite masks the after taste of artificial sweeteners really well. When I have friends which are about to embark on a dieting adventure ask me which diet beverages are easiest to stomach, I without fail point them to something fruity. Now I can point them to Sunkist Ten, the best tasting diet orange soda I can remember sampling in a long time. Maybe ever.

The initial taste is very crisp, and completely masks the fact that this is a reduced calorie beverage. It tastes almost exactly like its full-calorie big brother. Of course, you’re going to get a bit of an aftertaste after swallowing, but it is much less pronounced than Diet Sunkist, and its other contemporaries.

So far the Ten series of sodas have been hit or miss, and the Sunkist variety is a home-run. It’s a great summer time beverage, perfect for packing in the cooler and heading out to the lake with. Or just relax with one over ice by the pool. Also, as with most fruity sodas, Sunkist Ten can make for a yummy low-carb adult beverage when combined with a decent vodka or white rum. I give it a ‘Yea!’ all the way around.

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-Jeremy Hobbs

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