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Wheat Thins Spicy Buffalo

Wheat Thins are under rated in the wide world of snack foods, most likely because they have the words ‘wheat’ and ‘thin’ in the title. Junk food nation has been conditioned to avoid packages with those two words on them, mostly for good reason. They imply ‘healthy,’ or ‘low calorie,’ neither of which are exactly synonymous with ‘yummy.’ Wheat Thins generally break away from that stereotype, and tend be a full flavored delightfully munch-able snack. So what happened with Wheat Thins Spicy Buffalo? Read More →

7Up Ten

Well, folks, I feel like my last few articles have been on the “meh!”/”bleh!” side and I hate to continue that trend but I would never lead you astray when it comes to my honest opinion of a product.  So as we begin to wrap up our soda “Ten Soda” series I bring you 7Up Ten.  A watered-down, sweetness-lacking, hardly-flavored beverage.

To be completely fair in the review I tried the soda not once but twice.  The first bottle I bought I hardly had any sweetness to it.  I know I’ve complained in previous articles that too much soda syrup makes me gag but this was the complete other extreme.  The carbonation was a little funky too.  The bubbles were fine the first few sips, but after about 10 minutes it seemed almost flat.  Was this a product of intense Florida heat? Possibly. But I’ve never seemed to have this problem with any other sodas.  After this epic failure I picked up another bottle next time I hit Winn-Dixie to give it a fair chance.

The second wasn’t a whole lot better than the first.  It still lacked sweetness but the carbonation held up a bit better.  Something was certainly lacking though and this time I realized that the whole time I was missing the lemon-lime flavor.  In a regular full sugared brew of 7Up the flavors come through beautifully but they were a bit lost in 7-Up Ten.

All in all, I have to say I was disappointed.  I expected more from the soda and it just didn’t deliver. Going to have to give it a “Bleh!”

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-Kat Graham

***Look for our final “Ten” review on A&W Root Beer Ten coming soon!***

MorningStar Farms Corn Dog

As I continue my series of MorningStar Farms products, I bring you bad tidings.  I have yet to find a way for a veg-head to enjoy a corn dog.  If you’ve been following my MorningStar posts you’ll see that I’ve been raving about their products but alas all good things must come to an end.  I first sampled a MorningStar corn dog a few years ago and swore them off for life.  As I perused for my next product to buy and review I thought it was only fair to show their “darker” side.

Now, I’ve never tried a real corn dog so I must proceed with the disclaimer that I may not be a corn dog fan in general.  But then again I’ve never met a meat-eater who didn’t like a good ol’ fashioned corn dog.  I’ll start from the inside and work my way out with this one.  First of all: the stick.  I may have had a faulty stick but by the time I had heated up my corn dog it was sagging already.

Next, the dog.  It was chewy and bland and quite frankly a bit nauseating.  Finally, the “corn.”  To be completely honest I think I must have blocked this part out of my mind.  I’ve never been too happy outside of my comfort zone and this was WAY outside of my comfort zone.  All I can remember is a mouth-full of what I can only describe as thick, soggy cotton. Yuck!

Keeping in mind that MorningStars Farms has set such a high standard for their foods I have to give their corn dogs and absolute ‘Bleh!!!!!!’

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-Kat Graham

RC Ten

Most readers can’t remember the time when RC Cola was competitive with Coke and Pepsi. Now it seems to be thought of in the same way we think of grocery store brands; a generic knock off. This is a shame, because Royal Crown Cola was, and still is, an exceptionally great tasting beverage. Closer to Pepsi than to Coke, RC has a smooth, sweet profile with a slightly fruity finish. If you’ve never tried RC, or it’s been a long time, I recommend grabbing a bottle the next time you see it. If you’re a cola fan, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Diet RC has been notoriously difficult to find. In fact, despite my best efforts to find a bottle or can, I have never laid my eyes on it in person. Rumor has it that it has been discontinued. That’s a shame, I’d have loved to add it to my collection. What we have now is RC Ten, a product riding the coat-tails of the success of Dr. Pepper Ten.

As high as I am on regular RC (as well as Dr. Pepper Ten), I’m every bit as low on RC Ten. This is just an inferior product when compared to its competition; mainly Coke Zero and Pepsi Max. It certainly falls short of its sister soda Dr. Pepper Ten. It tastes horribly of chemicals, and lacks much in the way of cola flavor. It doesn’t make me think of regular RC in any way. RC Ten is, in a word, ‘Bleh!’

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-Jeremy Hobbs

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Rockstar Super Sours Bubbleberry

I saw this in the cooler while doing some market research for The Consumer’s Corner (a.k.a. ‘going to the store’). I’m a major fan of energy drinks, by themselves or used as mixers for cocktails. The bite is just different from regular sodas, and they make me feel good. Another thing–I also have a great appreciation for is sour candy: Sweet Tarts, Nerds, sour gummy worms, etc. So grabbing a can of Rockstar Super Sours Bubbleberry was a no-brainer; this was going to be my new favorite energy drink.

In a word? No. The first sip tastes very bitter. Hear me out, bitter and sour are very different flavors. Bitter is like biting into a non-chewable vitamin. In fact, ‘vitamins’ was my response at first taste. That nastiness eased off after a sip or two once my palette adjusted, but ‘ewww’ is not what any company wants a consumer thinking when they taste their product.

Even after the adjustment period, I was not inspired to go in for seconds at all. I’ve been very impressed by the Rockstar line in the past (‘Punched’ is my go to energy drink) but Supersours Bubbleberry left me disappointed, and two dollars poorer. Going to have to give this one a ‘Bleh!’ Sorry Rockstar.

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-Jeremy Hobbs