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Cheez-It Zingz Queso Fundido

We eat an abundance of Cheez-It products. They’re just so crunchy and delicious. We really value them as a late night snack; they’re not too crumbly for eating in bed. Most of the flavor is baked in, so you’re not licking yourself like an idiot or wiping greasy flavor residue on the foot of your bed sheets (don’t pretend you haven’t done both at one time or another).

Many moons ago, we reviewed Cheez-It Zingz Chipotle Cheddar, and we were quite smitten with them. We had intended to write this companion review shortly afterwards, but we’re only just now getting around to it. I had high expectations for the Cheez-It Zingz Queso Fundido snack crackers, but I’d be lying if I didn’t inform you that I was a tad disappointed.

The Cheez-It Zingz Queso Fundido has the same ‘corn masa flour’ base as the Chipotle Cheddar, but lacks the ‘Zing’ intensity in my ever so humble opinion. The peppery seasoning is noticeable in the first bite or two, only to drop off quite a bit as you continue your munching experience.  ‘Fundido’s’ just weren’t all that fun, and tasted a lot more bland than the name sake would suggest. Cheez-It Zingz Chipotle Cheddar were perfectly potent from first bite to last.

That isn’t to say that Queso Fundido’s aren’t a perfectly acceptable snack, but I’m giving them a ‘Meh’ since I believe a superior product is sitting right next to them on your grocer’s shelf for the same price. You should try them though as your results may vary.

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-Jeremy Hobbs

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Cheez-It Zingz: Chipotle Cheddar

If you haven’t tried Cheez-Its’ newest product Cheez-It Zingz: Chipotle Cheddar you are surely missing out.  The newest member of the Cheez-It family is-in size-the “big brother” to its smaller companions.  At about double the size of a regular Cheez-It, it packs in a punch of flavor that you won’t be able to resist.

The smokey cheddar was a bit overpowering the first time I tried it but my mouth quickly adjusted to the delicious taste.  The crackers have just enough heat to add a bit of a kick but not enough that the average Joe would find them to be too spicy.  Just the right amount of “ZING.”  Certainly less mundane than the regular Cheez-It, I believe I’m well within bounds to say that they will make a big splash in the snack food isle.  I know that they’ll find a special place in my pantry.

Overall, I was quite impressed with Cheez-It Zingz.  They’re smokey, Zing-y and live up to their name.  Would I recommend them? “Yea!” I would!

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-Kat Graham

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