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Panic! At The Disco – Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!

Panic! At The Disco is back at it again with ‘ Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!’ Panic! has been a favorite of mine for years now. I find them to be one of the few mainstream bands that has a unique sound. They have always been able to blend together orchestral instrumentals, velvety smooth vocals, and lyrics deeper than a rain puddle into an amazing sound.

In ‘ Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!’ the band seems to lean a lot heavier on Read More →

Cheez-It Zingz Queso Fundido

We eat an abundance of Cheez-It products. They’re just so crunchy and delicious. We really value them as a late night snack; they’re not too crumbly for eating in bed. Most of the flavor is baked in, so you’re not licking yourself like an idiot or wiping greasy flavor residue on the foot of your bed sheets (don’t pretend you haven’t done both at one time or another).

Many moons ago, we reviewed Cheez-It Zingz Chipotle Cheddar, and we were quite smitten with them. We had intended to write this companion review shortly afterwards, but we’re only just now getting around to it. I had high expectations for the Cheez-It Zingz Queso Fundido snack crackers, but I’d be lying if I didn’t inform you that I was a tad disappointed.

The Cheez-It Zingz Queso Fundido has the same ‘corn masa flour’ base as the Chipotle Cheddar, but lacks the ‘Zing’ intensity in my ever so humble opinion. The peppery seasoning is noticeable in the first bite or two, only to drop off quite a bit as you continue your munching experience.  ‘Fundido’s’ just weren’t all that fun, and tasted a lot more bland than the name sake would suggest. Cheez-It Zingz Chipotle Cheddar were perfectly potent from first bite to last.

That isn’t to say that Queso Fundido’s aren’t a perfectly acceptable snack, but I’m giving them a ‘Meh’ since I believe a superior product is sitting right next to them on your grocer’s shelf for the same price. You should try them though as your results may vary.

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-Jeremy Hobbs

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Pumpkin Spice M&Ms

I really love fall season, and pumpkin spiced everything is one of my favorite parts about it. So when my fiance ordered some Pumpkin Spice M&Ms for me from Amazon I was uber excited.  I was expecting them to fill my mouth with pumpkin delight and have a little bit of spice to them.  I was wrong.  The M&Ms tasted nothing like pumpkin and very much like the traditional milk chocolate flavor they usually sport. There was a little bit of spice in the aftertaste but it is more akin to about an ounce of the heat you would find in Mexican chocolate.

But let’s give M&M some credit here. They did well with a few things. The M&Ms are about two or three times the size of a regular M&M which I really like.  You can really savor one without having to dump a handful in your mouth at once.  While I wouldn’t market them as “pumpkin spice” they still tasted great.  Even the color scheme was fall appropriate.

So what’s my consensus? I like the M&Ms but was sorrily let down by the lack of pumpkin flavoring.  So I’ll have to give you a “meh!” Sorry, M&Ms.

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-Kat Graham

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Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreos

So, the name is deceiving. Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreos are in fact not ice cream. Boo! There are in fact an ice cream flavored cookie that swaps the traditional vanilla cream filling for (in this case) a Berry Burst flavor.  The pink cream middles are speckled with darker pink dots to resemble blended strawberries in strawberry ice cream. The cookie part of the Oreo has remained untouched. And, well, that’s the best thing about these Oreos.

Ask the fiance and you’ll get a different opinion but I, personally did not enjoy Berry Burst Oreos.  They aren’t horrific but they certainly aren’t delectable.  The cream is tangy and leaves a tart aftertaste that clashes drastically with the sweetness of the cookie.  I ate one before this review to jog my memory of the flavors and the aftertaste is still lingering…and not in a good way.  The best way I can describe it would be a deep throat tartness mixed with a spoonful of sugar on the tongue.  Are there positives? Yes! If the tart and tangy is for you, you will certainly enjoy these cookies. And they do resemble ice cream in that they have a pungent fruit flavor.

Taking into consideration that I personally do not enjoy tangy flavors but still wanting to give an honest and fair review I’ll have to give Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreos a “Meh…” Sorry, Oreos!

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-Kat Graham

Raspberry M&M’s

Did a little research, and apparently these Raspberry M&M’s have been out for quite a while, but I just started seeing them pop up in my neck of the woods. So, they may not be new to you, but they are to me, so I’m going to review them anyway.

The idea of fruit flavored M&M’s was a bit strange to me, but none the less intriguing. I’ve had some high-end chocolates that were flavored, and pretty tasty, but I wasn’t sure something in a hot pink package zipper bag would be able to compare.

Most thankfully, my doubts were erased. The raspberry flavoring was subtle, so it was not much of a departure from your standard M&M. Just a really big M&M; the Raspberry M&M variety are roughly twice the size of a regular ‘M.’

My first impression was not that I was eating a raspberry flavored product. My initial thought was ‘chocolate covered cherries.’ Just not as intense. I’ll probably be all alone in thinking that, but I enjoy my own company.

For a 1.5 ounce package, you get hit with a 210 calorie penalty. It’s worth it to give them a try. Prices will vary by location; anywhere from $0.50 to $1.00. I give them a ‘Meh.’ They’re not bad, but I’ll probably never buy them again.

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–Jeremy Hobbs

Zone Perfect Double Dark Chocolate

Sometimes you need a quick, easy meal to take on the road. By quick, I mean I-woke-up-so-late-I-don’t-have-time-to-brush-my-teeth-before-work kind of quick. Protein shakes and bars can take on that role extraordinarily well, often offering a substantial amount of fiber, protein, and assorted nutrients in a grab and go container.

Zone Perfect Double Dark Chocolate did this job for me on a recent outing. Typically I’m more of a shake guy, but the fiancé grabbed me one of these instead. At first bite, I was fairly impressed. The taste was definitely chocolatey, leaning more towards dark chocolate than milk chocolate, as the product name would suggest. The texture is like a very dense Rice Crispy treat.

I easily powered through three or four bites, then Zone Perfect Double Dark Chocolate bar hit my stomach. Like a brick. Or cinder block. Or one of the blocks Moses’ people used to build the pyramids. This can be taken in a positive or negative light; I felt full, but I also felt uncomfortably stuffed.

The more I tried to eat, the larger each bite felt in my mouth. By the halfway point what had started as a tasty treat started feeling like wet concrete in my mouth. Shakes have these traits as well, but they’re chuggable. There is no quick way to get one of these bars down. Because it at least started out as a tasty food stuff, I’m going to give Zone Perfect Double Dark Chocolate bar a ‘Meh.’ Should you try it, I hope you have better luck swallowing than I did.

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-Jeremy Hobbs

Monk Fruit In The Raw

I drink a lot of sweet iced tea. Started substituting it in the place of soda, mainly for budget reasons. Did the math one day and realized we were spending in the neighborhood of one hundred dollars a month on sparkling beverages, and that is just silly.  At the same time I didn’t want to start downing a ton of sugar, so I started trying shopping around for artificial sweeteners.

Monk Fruit In The Raw looked new and different, and I’ll try anything once. Monk Fruit is also known as ‘luo han guo’ according to the official site linked below. To cut straight to the point, I’m not a huge fan. It sweetens just enough to cut out the bitterness of the home brewed unsweetened tea, but did absolutely nothing beyond that to make my budget beverage any more enjoyable than the dollar store brand ‘pink stuff.’ I’ll keep my Sweet & Low, thanks.

I suppose Monk Fruit In The Raw might be suitable for those of you who are sensitive to the chemicals in the sweeteners that actually work. Also, hipsters will love offering their uninterested friends a ‘fair-trade coffee with soy cream and all natural lou han guo sweetener.’ Me? I fit neither of those groups, and I’m giving Monk Fruit In The Raw a ‘Meh…’

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-Jeremy Hobbs


Canada Dry Ten

I have to admit, when I first heard about the Ten series that sodas were putting out I was a bit skeptical.  Why not just drink diet soda if there’s only ten calories and two grams of sugar? Or if you don’t mind the calories and sugar why not drink a regular of your favorite brand and enjoy it for what it’s worth?  It didn’t make sense to me.  But when I was shopping at my local Winn-Dixie yesterday and saw mini bottles of Ten sodas I figured “what the heck,” and decided to give it a try knowing that we were doing a review series on them for the site.

When I got my goodies home I decided to start with Canada Dry Ten Ginger Ale. I’ve had both diet and regular versions of this delicious drink and figured I could present a pretty informed opinion.  I was genuinely surprised by what I discovered.  The flavor was wonderfully crisp and lacked any syrupy stickiness that drives me away from sugar-filled sodas.  And with only 10 calories I feel less guilt.

I must admit though that I still prefer diet soda.  Ten sodas taste quite the same as diet sodas so I don’t see why I should ingest 10 extra calories and 2 grams of sugar.  I have to give Ginger Ale Ten a “Meh!”

 Official Site

-Kat Graham

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Pepsi Throwback

Not only do I write consumer reviews, I read them as well. Especially soda & soft drink news and reviews; it’s just an industry I’ve enjoyed following for a long time. There are lots of little cliques of people too; small mom & pop companies vs. the Big Two, Pepsi vs. Coke, and sugar vs. high fructose corn syrup. That natural sugar debate has always intrigued me, as I’ve rarely been able to obtain access to a steady supply of beverages that have been sweetened that way. An occasional Latin beverage, but nothing made by Coke or Pepsi.

Pepsi apparently took notice of this clique of consumers, and released a couple of new beverages just for them. Mountain Dew Throwback, which I’ll review later, and what I have now, Pepsi Throwback.

Pepsi Throwback generally tastes like regular Pepsi, the only things that I noticed was that it was a bit less sweet, and slightly less carbonated. ‘Mouth feel’ is somewhat cleaner and less sticky. Naturally, all those combined make it significantly smoother.

To be perfectly honest, the only reason that I would consider picking this up over corn syrup Pepsi is that I think sugar is healthier for you. Rather, both are bad, but I’m of the belief that pure sugar is the lesser of two evils.

Pepsi is saying this is no longer a limited time product, and has been added to their cola portfolio permanently, but I’m not sure I believe them. My gut tells me that there are not enough people that truly care about the differences, and certainly not enough to keep a spinoff brand profitable. If you like it (it certainly isn’t bad) I’d stock up. Meh.

Official Site

–Jeremy Hobbs

Doritos Dinamita Chile Limon

Lime. Hands down it may be my favorite flavor additive to any given product. I like lime candy, lime soda, lime pie, lime vodka, I season my food with powdered lime seasoning. You might could say that I am a bit lime obsessed. I wouldn’t argue that point. So when I received the blessing opportunity to review Doritos Dinamita Chile Limon, I was very much thrilled.

After the glorious experience I had taste testing Doritos Dinamita Nacho Picoso, and knowing that Dinamita Chile Limon had a lime component, I just knew that a ‘Yea!’ rating was a forgone conclusion, and my review would be one giant piece of Dorito propaganda. Ladies and gentleman, when I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong. In this case, my expectations were quite a ways off.

Lime was only used as a tool to make these snacks bitter, none of the festive fruit notes were able to punch their way through the incredibly dominant wall of chile pepper flavoring. Doritos really went for heat as the primary flavor here, and on that front, they succeeded. Where they failed was not offering any kind of balance. Also, it took a Clorox wipe to get the bright red coloring off of my fingers; they did not skimp on the amount of seasoning.

These are going in the ‘Meh…’ category from me. They were not what I expected, but I did like them enough to finish the bag. I can see where someone might really enjoy them, but that ‘someone’ wasn’t me, and I won’t be a repeat buyer.

Official Site

-Jeremy Hobbs


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