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So, the name is deceiving. Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreos are in fact not ice cream. Boo! There are in fact an ice cream flavored cookie that swaps the traditional vanilla cream filling for (in this case) a Berry Burst flavor.  The pink cream middles are speckled with darker pink dots to resemble blended strawberries in strawberry ice cream. The cookie part of the Oreo has remained untouched. And, well, that’s the best thing about these Oreos.

Ask the fiance and you’ll get a different opinion but I, personally did not enjoy Berry Burst Oreos.  They aren’t horrific but they certainly aren’t delectable.  The cream is tangy and leaves a tart aftertaste that clashes drastically with the sweetness of the cookie.  I ate one before this review to jog my memory of the flavors and the aftertaste is still lingering…and not in a good way.  The best way I can describe it would be a deep throat tartness mixed with a spoonful of sugar on the tongue.  Are there positives? Yes! If the tart and tangy is for you, you will certainly enjoy these cookies. And they do resemble ice cream in that they have a pungent fruit flavor.

Taking into consideration that I personally do not enjoy tangy flavors but still wanting to give an honest and fair review I’ll have to give Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreos a “Meh…” Sorry, Oreos!

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-Kat Graham