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The Great Gatsby

There is no doubt that director Baz Luhrmann has achieved world-wide popularity once again with The Great Gatsby.  Already beloved by the film community for bringing musicals back to the silver screen with Moulin Rouge and making a modern-day and quite popular rendition of Romeo + Juliet.  Known for his high-spectacle movies, magnificent sets, top-of-the-line actors and brilliant soundtracks, Luhrmann will not disappoint even F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most beloved fans.

Not a single shot in The Great Gatsby is without spectacle.  The film is beautifully enhanced with gorgeous, rich colors and metallic accents and Luhrmann’s signature style that rides the fence between a breathtaking dreamscape, something you think it might melt if you look away, and something very raw and quite respectable.

The acting in The Great Gatsby is simply thrilling. Leonardo DiCaprio shines as Jay Gatsby bringing an innocence and vulnerability to a roll that one would assume would be a radiation of confidence.  Tobey Maguire portrays Nick Carraway, a midwestern gentleman who befriends Gatsby quickly and acts as match-maker for Daisy (Carey Mulligan).  Mulligan and DiCaprio’s on-screen chemistry evokes so much from the viewer that you could only assume the love affair was real.

When I heard that Jay Z was going to be doing the music for The Great Gatsby I had to go straight to my sister to see if Jay Z was going to ruin my favorite book turned film.  She assured me he would be wonderful and she couldn’t have been more correct.  But it wasn’t Jay Z who swept me off my feet but Lana Del Rey.  Del Rey’s song Young and Beautiful is so malleable taking on genres of classical, vocal and jazz.  Simply beautiful.

It is with absolute confidence that I give this film a “Yea!”

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-Kat Graham

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