crunch thin mints girl scout candy bar

Thin Mint Girl Scouts Candy Bar

Girl Scout cookies on the go, anyone?  Yes, please!  The new limited edition Thin Mint Girl Scouts Candy Bars are convenient, enticing and oh-so delicious. I tried the Thin Mint inspired bar and fell in love (don’t tell my fiancée!)  Nestle has combined the gorgeous mint flavor with milky chocolate and the new Crunch element that makes me want to sing a Hallelujah Chorus.  I promise even the purist old-school Girl Scout cookie fan will enjoy this new twist on the classic cookie.  Do I sound a little over-enthused? Try one and you will be too, I dare you!

The bars are perfectly portioned and scored across the middle I’m assuming with the intention of being able to have a few bites now and save the rest for later.  But let me tell you, no Nestle Crunch Girl Scouts Candy Bar of mine will make it to a second serving.  The individually wrapped bars will leave you satisfied and binge-free.  Take it from me, the girl who can go through cookies like there’s no tomorrow, this is a good thing…a very good thing.

The only drawback as far as I’m concerned is that these babies are hard to find.  I scoured a Walgreens, Winn-Dixie and Walmart before aforementioned fiancée spotted a lone bar at our local CVS.  Hopefully with time these bars will become more and more popular  and they’ll be easier to find, because in my book, they are a definite “Yea!”

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-Kat Graham

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