Wheat Thins Spicy Buffalo

Wheat Thins Spicy Buffalo

Wheat Thins are under rated in the wide world of snack foods, most likely because they have the words ‘wheat’ and ‘thin’ in the title. Junk food nation has been conditioned to avoid packages with those two words on them, mostly for good reason. They imply ‘healthy,’ or ‘low calorie,’ neither of which are exactly synonymous with ‘yummy.’ Wheat Thins generally break away from that stereotype, and tend be a full flavored delightfully munch-able snack. So what happened with Wheat Thins Spicy Buffalo?

Buffalo is one of my favorite flavors to stack on any snack, but it just doesn’t work for Wheat Thins. The slight sweetness of the cracker just doesn’t mesh well with the tangy accents of buffalo seasoning. Also, to include ‘spicy’ in the title is nothing short of false advertising. My ridiculously spice-sensitive fiancĂ© had no problem whatsoever eating them, even saying they were ‘sweet.’ I’m sure that’s not what Nabisco was aiming for.

I’m giving Wheat Thins Spicy Buffalo a ‘Bleh.’ They really disappointed me. Wheat Thins can certainly be made tasty with savory flavors, I’ve enjoyed quite a few different varieties that were delicious. I’m dreading having to finish the box; maybe I can use them as dog treats?

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-Jeremy Hobbs

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